About a life in the Internet

The electronic cards(maps) placed on the Internet, for a long time became habitual. Nowadays manufacturers of the software are going to make a following step: to add in cards(maps) of "life" - that is, to create system which would receive the information from places in a mode of real time, analyzed it(her) and in the convenient form offered Internet users. For example, company Microsoft works above creation of technology SenseWeb. Theoretically the Internet user can come on a site to look at an electronic card(map), to choose the best route of movement, and also to learn(find out) temperature of air and water, the local prices for gasoline, a waiting time of the order at local restaurants, presence "proside" on roads, etc. This information will act from various sensor controls - electronic thermometers, videocameras, cash computers of the gas station and restaurants and so forth According to a site about the Internet of a life, our life really passes every day all in newer and new channel.

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Work in the Internet

Publishing house E-book
Necessary skills: a writing(spelling) of clauses(articles), user's guides, books on any theme.
Capital investments:
Minimum: 0 $
Maximum: 20 $ on a hosting and a domain name + means for advertising and promotion of the goods

e-book - the book or clause(article) in a format .exe. The format .exe is necessary for protection of copyrights, protection against copying, editing, a reprint. e-book the publisher is published as well as the usual book, only you to itself. You are engaged in distribution of the book through the Internet. You also receive all profit on sales. To sell it is possible not only books about earnings, but also art books, and technical managements(manuals). For example: Cutting, optimization and imposition of sites on patterns. Abroad are on sale e-book on any themes: art, care of children, psychology, etc. In рунете while business(affairs) with it(this) are worse. And, nevertheless, managements(manuals) on themes of earnings, marketing, technical managements(manuals) are on sale rather not bad.

Benefits from publishing house e-book:
* There are no expenses for the edition.
* Number of copies of the book beyond all bounds.
* Unlimited term of sales. Your book can be on sale many years, making a profit.
* Set of ways of sale and promotion of the book.

The given business will approach(suit) for reception of the starting capital or as means of additional earnings.